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The RPM-Academy Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Champion is a confirmation of your understanding of the fundamentals of Lean and your ability to promote and inspire the use of Lean Six Sigma principles, tools and methods in your organization.  As a Lean Six Sigma Champion, you are prepared to sponsor and support successful Lean Six Sigma improvement projects and participate in the planning and deployment of a strategically aligned Lean Six Sigma program.


Your thirty-four (34) hour Certificate in Lean Champion includes twenty-five (25) carefully selected courses from the RPM-Academy Lean Six Sigma library featuring “Introduction to Lean”, “Gemba Waste Walks”, “Project Charters”, “Managing Change”, “Value Stream Mapping”, “Lean and Green”, and “Lean Deployment Strategy and Methods”.  You will learn the fundamentals of Six Sigma including the impact of process variation, basic statistics and graphical analysis, and process control and capability... all of the topics, tools, and methods you will need to be a champion of Lean Six Sigma.

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Champion

  • Your purchase includes;

    • Twenty-five (25) online courses
    • Approximately thirty-four (34) hours of study
    • Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Champion when successfully completed
    • Sixty (60) day Platinum membership to RPM-Academy Online to complete your Certificate program.

    After completing your purchase, you will receive information and an access key to start your courses immediately!

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