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Lean (Lean Manufacturing)

  • “How does someone become Lean certified?”

  • “Which is more preferred… Lean Green Belt or a Lean Black Belt?”

  • “Where might I go to get some free Lean training?”

  • “Is Lean Six Sigma Certification the same as Six Sigma Certification?”

  • “Can I complete my Lean training online?”

These are some of the many questions we receive and respond to each day at Lean Six Sigma Coach.  Continuous flow, just in time (JIT), value streams, push versus pull, kaizen, and muda (aka “waste”)… If you are familiar with any of the preceding terms, then chances are you have already been exposed to Lean or Lean Manufacturing.

For visitors who are interested in completing Lean courses online or proceeding with Lean Certification online, click here to sign up for a FREE Lean Six Sigma and Agile Coach online account and FREE Lean courses and other resources.  You can also visit our online store to review our Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile Certificate Programs and Certification.

What is Lean?

The Lean Enterprise Institute offers a great definition for Lean:  “The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Simply, lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resources.

By focusing on key concepts such as continuous flow and the elimination of any waste in processes, Lean and associated principles, tools, and methods enables organizations to assess their current state value streams, from customer demand to demand fulfillment, and design and implement future state value stream that can be best described as transformative change and improvement.

Lean also describes an organizational culture, from boardroom to front line operations, where everyone not only understands the principles of Lean but also participate in promoting Lean Thinking and engaging in continuous improvement, including “kaizen”… change for the better.

To learn more about the history, key concepts, and methods of Lean, sign up for a FREE account at Lean Six Sigma Coach where you will have access to FREE courses, including our popular “L001 Introduction to Lean”.

Much of what you need to know about Lean can be found in the previously mentioned free Lean training course so we will limit our discussion on this page to the Five Lean Principles, the foundation of Lean Thinking.

Five Lean Principles

Initial training in Lean or Lean Manufacturing, also referred to as Lean Service, Lean Government, Lean Healthcare, Lean Law, and other derivations depending on sector, always starts with the Five Key Principles of Lean, as depicted in the following image;


It is the preceding principles that govern the thoughts and actions of Lean Thinkers and organizations relentlessly pursuing operational excellence in everything they do.  You can learn more about these 5 Principles of Lean by signing up for a FREE account at

Six Sigma and Lean methods and tools, Lean Six Sigma, offer quality professionals and improvement specialists a powerful suite of principles, tools, and methods that can routinely applied to all process improvement and design opportunities and are a game changer in terms of accelerating your career.

THANK YOU for visiting our website and learning more about our company and our online training products.  If you have not done so already, please sign up for a FREE account and immediately access FREE courses to see if Lean Six Sigma and Agile Coach is right for you.

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