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Lean Six Sigma and Agile Online Courses

  • “How do I obtain Lean Six Sigma Certification?”

  • “What is Six Sigma Certification?”

  • “What is the difference between a Six Sigma Green Belt and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt?”

  • “Do you offer any FREE Lean training, free Six Sigma training, or free Agile courses?”

  • “How do I become a Certified Scrum Product Owner?”

  • “What is Agile software development?”

  • “How does SAFe Agile differ from the Agile methodology?”


To answer some of your questions, we have included a brief description of Agile development, Lean (aka “Lean Manufacturing”), and Six Sigma, each with their own dedicated page on our website.

For visitors who are interested in completing Agile, Lean, and Six Sigma online courses or proceeding with Agile and Lean Six Sigma online training and certification, Click here to sign up for a FREE Lean Six Sigma and Agile Coach online account and FREE Agile and Lean Six Sigma courses and other resources.

What is Lean Six Sigma Coach?

Lean Six Sigma Coach is the ultimate online resource that includes the complete library of Lean Six Sigma and Agile courses and other resources… everything you need to earn a Certificate in one or more of these powerful disciplines, or proceed to formal Certification.


With members from over 100 countries, Lean Six Sigma Coach offers high-quality content, user-friendly, intuitive navigation, remote mobile access, and affordability.

  • FREE courses

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  • Access exclusive discounts

The Complete Library of Lean Six Sigma and Agile Courses!

Whether you are seeking training and certification in Agile and Scrum, Lean or Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, or combining one or more programs into Lean Six Sigma and Lean Agile, Lean Six Sigma Coach provides everything you need to accelerate your career.

Need to Learn More About Lean Six Sigma or Agile?

Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile, while highly complementary, are unique in principles, tools, methods and language.  You may have already heard about the Lean Six Sigma Belts, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, or Agile Scrum Master.  Click on one of the following buttons to learn more about your area of interest;

Certificate and Certification

You may be seeking an Agile Certificate, Agile Scrum Master Certification, or a level of Lean Sigma Certification, typically referred to as Lean or Six Sigma Belts.  A Certificate in your field of choice confirms your understanding of the associated body of knowledge (BoK) whereas Certification or being Certified (ex. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification) is a confirmation of your ability to apply that body of knowledge, whether participating in successful Agile Scrums and Sprints or facilitating successful Lean or Lean Six Sigma improvement project.






Lean Six Sigma and Agile Coach can provide you with access to the complete library of Lean Six Sigma and Agile courses and other resources where you can complete your preferred Certificate program;​

  • Agile Project Management

  • Lean White Belt

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt

  • Lean Champion

  • Lean Six Sigma Champion

  • Lean Yellow Belt

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

  • Lean Green Belt

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Lean Black Belt

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

To learn more about Certification, please visit our

Certification Information Page

THANK YOU for visiting our website and learning more about our company and our online training products.  If you have not done so already, please sign up for a FREE account and immediately access FREE courses to see if the Lean Six Sigma Coach is right for you.

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