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The RPM-Academy Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a confirmation of your ability to manage complex improvement projects often spanning value streams made up of multiple departments and functions, successfully working with a team of subject matter experts to apply Lean Six Sigma principles, tools, and methods to analyze process variation as part of root cause analysis, solve problems, eliminate waste and constraints to flow, and improve processes.


Your seventy-eight (78) hour Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt includes fifty-one (51) courses selected from the RPM-Academy Lean Six Sigma library featuring “Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma”, “Project Charters”, “Managing Change”, “Process Mapping” and “Value Stream Mapping”.  Your program also includes powerful Lean improvement methods such as “Kanban”, “Work Levelling”, “Work Cell/Improved Office and Facility Design”, “Rapid Changeover/SMED”, and “Process Control Plans and Control Charts”. The Six Sigma elements of your program will teach you how to sample data, perform a wide range of statistical and graphical analyses, and leverage these methods to yield breakthrough improvements with your project teams.

Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Your purchase includes;

    • Fifty-one (51) online courses
    • Approximately seventy-eight (78) hours of study
    • Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt when successfully completed
    • One hundred and eighty (180) day Platinum membership to RPM-Academy Online to complete your Certificate program.

    After completing your purchase, you will receive information and an access key to start your courses immediately!

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