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"Having met all professional and technical requirements necessary to attain Certification..."  Your RPM-Academy Certification in Lean/Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a confirmation of your ability to facilitate process improvement projects/kaizen events and coach and mentor teams and individuals in support of an organization’s continuous improvement program and strategy.  Your purchase of Certification includes;

  • Online Certification exam (body of knowledge)
  • LSSMBB Project acceptance review (demonstrated application)
  • Award and issuance of formal Certificate/Certification

Your purchase of Certification DOES NOT include training courses (go to RPM-Academy Online for more information) or software, if applicable.

Certification-Lean/Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • In choosing to be CERTIFIED, you have or will;

    • Complete appropriate training (body of knowledge)
    • Write and pass the online Certification exam (included in this purchase)
    • Successfully facilitate an improvement project/kaizen and can provide a brief project submission/narrative describing the project, outcomes, and lessons learned.

    Upon purchase, you will be contacted by the RPM-Academy Program Office to establish your path to Certification.  For more information, please contact us.

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