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Welcome to RPM-Academy, your online global community portal providing access to an extensive library of 885 online courses and 100 Certificate programs spanning a wide range of extremely relevant personal and professional development topics, tools, and methods.


A one-year membership provides you with access to a complete library of Lean Six Sigma and Agile certificate & certification courses (including Black Belt) as well as our new “Learning Bytes” library of over 885 online courses and more than 100 certificate programs.  With an active membership, you can complete as many courses and certificate programs as you want.  Unlock your certificates and optionally update LinkedIn™ to share your achievement with others.


Your purchase includes Lean Six Sigma Certification (online exam, project submission/review & award of Certification).  For more on Certification requirements, please visit


One Year All Access Membership + Certification

  • Your purchase includes;

    • One year Platinum membership to access the entire RPM-Academy library of 885 online courses and 100 certificate programes
    • FREE Mobile app for enhanced mobility access to your courses and other resources
    • Certification in Lean Six Sigma (see certification requirements for additional information)

    Platinum membership provides you with “anywhere” and “any time” access to the RPM-Academy complete library of Lean, Six Sigma, and other personal and professional development courses and certificate programs.

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